Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Homeschooling for the rest of us

How your one-of-a-kind family can make homeschooling and real life work

by Sonya Haskins
978 0 7642 07396

I was really impressed with this book. The author spent a lot of time researching and writing chapters that are well-thought-out and well-balanced.  If you have ever considered homeschooling (or are homeschooling) or would just like some more ideas for how to enrich the time you have with your children, this is a good book for you.

Some of the chapter topics include:
pressure, perfection, and progress
developing positive relationships
the socialization question
routines and schedules
extracurricular activities, support groups, and co-ops
the art of academics
nurturing your child's heart
living in a  (very) messy house
dealing with relatives
homeschooling on a budget
the special needs child at home
following your own path

Basically every question one could ask about homeschooling is answered in a balanced, non-judgmental way, from a Christian perspective.

A lot of the things were pretty simple, commonsense ideas, but the fact that the author took the time to lay it all out in such a respectful reasonable manner was very nice.

I was also impressed with the attitude that she shares. Don't worry if you have a very laid back approach or if your approach is very structured. There is information here for everyone.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to BethanyHouse publishers for providing this book free to review.


Emily @ rivendellchick said...

I've been homeschooling for 6 years! (Really? That long . . .)I bet I could still use this book! Thanks Sarah! :)

Helen of SJ said...

It does sound like a great reference. Thanks for the sound review!