Friday, September 10, 2010

The Rape of Nanking

This was a very difficult book to read.  Very few people want to read about the mass murder of 19 million people.  I picked this up and read it, though, not because it was enjoyable but because someone needs to be a witness to this in the same manner as we are for the Jewish Holocaust.

During World War II the Japanese Army killed as many as 19 million Chinese.  I did not know this until reading this book.  It is a terrible and sad account of atrocities which were done.

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Emily said...

I hear so many people curse our granparents' generation for the internment of Japanese-Americans. (My grandparents were against it, and we think it was a bad move, too.) However, somehow in our telling of 20th century history, we've covered up the barbarism of the Japanese empire. Few people know about it. Their seemingly unquenchable thirst for brutality and violence to all who were not Japanese helps shed light on why our nation made the decisions to use the A-bombs. I hate that we dropped those bombs, but I don't condemn the people who made the decision because I think given the atrocities done by the Japanese they really didn't think there was a way of stopping them without losing more lives. Truly war is hell.

Thanks for bearing witness. *One day* I'll have to take the time to read that book.