Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Premiere On the runway

by Melody Carlson
ISBN 9780310717867

Premiere: On the Runway is a Teen Fiction book written from and for a Christian perspective. There are at least two scenes where the kids go to "youth group" and other church functions and these functions are not explained. So it is expected that the target audience knows what's going on.

The main struggle in this book is between two sisters. One, Paige, knows all about fashion and has been asked to host a teen fashion show similar to Stacy and Clinton's show What Not to Wear. The sister, Erin, more calm and down to earth and is invited to help her sister on her show but would rather be in the background.

As a teenage Christian I did not watch reality shows (well they weren't really around back then), read Seventeen magazine, or keep up with fashion, so it was hard for me to relate to the characters. In fact it was hard for me to reconcile the idea of kids who go to church and their parents are okay with them being so superficial as to go on reality shows and the like. Not that a true Christian could not do these things. It was just really hard for me to understand the protagonist.

Supposing that a teenager was in the same or similar predicaments of trying to reconcile her belief system with worldly culture, and to fit in both worlds, I thought the author did a plausible job of fleshing out the characters and plot. It did not really appeal to me but might to a teenager.

The whole book kind of reminded me of the latest Disney movie aimed at teenagers, but with some Jesus mixed in. I was not impressed. On the other hand I am not a teenager who loves fashion, so it was hard for me to understand the proposed audience.

Thanks to Pam at Zondervan for providing a copy of this book for me to review.

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