Monday, January 04, 2010

In Grandma's Attic

by Arleta Richardson

ISBN: 978 0 781432689

When I wrote my post on quality chapter books I got some more recommendations for books. Among them was the series "Grandma's Attic." I got a couple for Christmas and was wonderfully surprised!

Each chapter in this book is a short story that the author's grandma told her about living in the late 1880s through early 1900s. They each end with a Christian moral and Biblical truths are liberally sprinkled throughout the text. The stories do not come out as very preachy in my opinion but you can definitely sense that the author is Christian and believes in God. I especially like the last chapter where the grandma teaches about appropriate uses of prayer (for God's will to be done, not our own).

There are lots more books in this series and I will be buying all of them. Highly recommended.

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