Monday, January 04, 2010


by Ted Dekker

ISBN 978 1595542885

Leave a comment here to win this book. I will choose by random selection on Wednesday January 12.

I was interested to see what this science fiction / Christian book was about. I have not read any Ted Dekker books and thought it looked interesting. Green is the fourth in a "circular" series of books. Supposedly it can be read first or last- the whole series refers to itself due to time travel.

I could not finish the book. It alternately bored, confused, and shocked me. Firstly I don't usually like books that refer too much to things in other books. A passing reference here and there doesn't bother me, but when constantly being put into situations where we smugly know what happened before didn't work for me.

I also didn't like the graphic descriptions of violence and rituals. This society was either parallel to ours or an alternative to ours, and there was a lot of violence. I don't appreciate violence in any case but to see it in a book that was trying to show the Christian story was not happy for me. I know the Bible is full of war and sadness but this had a different feel to it for me.

At any rate I am sorry to say that I cannot recommend this book.

I received this book free to review for Thomas Nelson Book Reviews. I was not compensated for the review except for the free book.


Jennifer said...

Wow Sarah, your sparkling review makes me jump for the chance to win it!
Actually, the Ted Dekker books I've read (blink, three) have been really thought provoking. Don't know if this one would be or not.

Pryncss Briana said...

lol ... at least we know why you are giving it away. Unfortunately, I am one of those who starts a series and just has to finish it. I read the first three books in this series, and while not a HUGE fan, would appreciate the opportunity to read the next. :) Count me in! I have competition this time!

Sarah said...

I thought it was funny that I was giving it away with a bad review, but thought someone would want it anyway.

Renee G said...

The only book of his that I have read is The Bonemans' Daughters, but I really enjoyed it. I've got to say --- now I am truly curious. Is the book I read his only decent work? Well, throw my name in the hat as well so I can compare these.

Emily said...

David has read the previous three. So if I win, I'll hand it over to him. It's not my favorite genre, but he got a kick out of it. ;)