Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bringing Up Boys + GIVEAWAY

James Dobson is a practical author who deals with philosophy of family and parenting matters from a Christian perspective. His book Bringing Up Boys has some ideas of how to teach your sons to be great men.

I haven't personally read it but my friend told me that it has more to do with philosophy and less to do with specific strategies.

If you would like to own this book please leave a comment and I will randomly choose a winner on Thursday next.


Daniel said...

Hey, Sarah.
As you know, I could use all the help with my boys I can find. I've actually seen this book and thought, "huh, I should read that."
Thanks for reading and passing on the good stuff. Miss you guys.

Emma said...

Bringing Up Boys sounds wonderful.Please enter me in the giveaway.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.Thank you.