Saturday, September 19, 2009

How God Makes Babies

By Jim Burns
ISBN: 978 0 7642 02100

"Laying the foundations for healthy sexuality: an age-appropriate resource for ages 6 to 9"

This is the second in the series by Bethany House Publishers. The first one is "God Made Your Body."

As a parent of a 4 and 7 year old, I know it will be part of my job to teach my children how to view their bodies in relation to God's will for their lives. I looked at this book to see if it would be a good resource to teach my children about their bodies.

I have to say I had high hopes for this series but this one was just too mature for 6 to 9 year olds. I know I am old-fashioned and overly modest and all that, but I think that this age group is not yet ready for all the topics covered in this book (and it would be too hard to skip the affected pages). I prefer the book "I Wonder Why" for ages 6 to 8.

From the beginning:
We first learn about God's plan for families, i.e. that a man and a woman get married and love each other.

Then we learn that a husband and wife do many different things together, like praying and holding each other "in ways they would not do with any other person". Then we learn the term: making love, or having sex. WHAT? Telling a child of this age those terms? Am I this sheltered? I don't think that my children need those terms. Perhaps they will hear them in school and want to know what they mean, but I don't think it's a good idea. I would love to hear from my readers as to their opinions; am I over-reacting here?

We learn more about girl and boy-specific parts, such as v**gina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, p**nis, scr**tum, and t**sticles. We learn that these parts are private, covered with swimsuits, and who should look at those parts (parents and doctors). We talk about keeping those parts private from everyone else.

The next thing that I think is too mature is that we learn that the husband puts his p**nis into the wife's v**gina. I just think kids of this age (6 to 9 year olds) are too young to need the details here. How many inquisitive kids are going to try to figure out how that works? We then learn how the sperm travel to find the egg, and that not every session of "making love" results in a baby.

Then there are more details about pregnancy, all of which are pretty neat and not too mature, how the baby grows at different stages of pregnancy. There are nice illustrations and pictures.

We learn about contractions and that labor is hard work, and that most babies are born at the hospital.

Then we learn that sometimes a c-section is called for, and what that is. I think this is too much detail for a child of this age group.

We learn that most babies get nourishment from the breast (a real picture is shown here but it is focused enough that it doesn't look sexual at all), and that some babies use a bottle. We learn that new babies are learning and growing a lot. God made all different kinds of families, including adoption.

Overall I loved the pictures and illustrations and thought that they were very age-appropriate and well done.

I did not love the vocabulary at all. I will not be telling my children about "making love/having sex", c-sections, and p**nises entering v**ginas for a long time. I think 10 or 11 years is a good time for that.

You decide for yourself if your 6 to 9 year old is ready for this book.

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Nicole said...

Okay so I read this book also at the store and thought it was WAY to mature for my child. I agree with you on your review. This book is better for an older child.