Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Four-Story Mistake

by Elizabeth Enright
ISBN: 0805070613

juvenile fiction

The Melendy family has four children and a widowed dad, similar to the Penderwick series I mentioned yesterday. This quartet of books was written in the 40s during World War II.

I really enjoyed the story in this one; the family moves to a new house and of course it's a fabulous house with forests and hidden rooms and attics and all the sorts of things that a kid would love to encounter. The descriptions are wonderful and not too frilly. (I am not a big fan of long frilly descriptions).

Even though the words and reading level was more for a 5th or 6th grade level, there were no mature themes that would limit a younger advanced student from reading it. As I look for books for Emlyn to read I am more and more impressed by these books that were written back mid 20th century. Maud Lovelace's books are another series that is similar. There are few gratuitous sketchy events, and they seem to help kids feel adventuresome anyway. Call me old-fashioned but I really like them. There are three more books in this series about the Melendy family and then some collections of short stories by this author. I will be saving these for about another year for Emlyn and then let her read them.

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