Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Are We Living in the End Times?

Tim La Haye and Jerry Jenkins
ISBN 0842336443

By the same authors of the Left Behind series, this book interprets prophecies and Scripture in a factual manner instead of fictional.

I appreciated their many Scripture references and attention to detail, as well as their candid attitude.

As far as whether I agreed with them or not as to their conclusions, I found that the deeper I got in the book the harder it was for me to follow their line of thinking. The first third or so answers the question in the title, and I was able to follow their interpretations fairly well. The rest of the book interprets exactly what the end times will look like and the characters that will be present. I didn't appreciate this part as much and didn't agree with all they were saying.

However throughout the entire book the authors humbly admitted they couldn't know exactly how things would come about, and did present alternative viewpoints. They were careful to keep most specific dates out of the book.

This is an interesting read and good introduction into studying the prophetic literature in the Bible. It definitely made me want to study those parts of the Bible in more detail.

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