Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Fields of Home

by Ralph Moody
ISBN: 0803281943

Non-fiction, autobiographical

If you've ever enjoyed a pioneer book, this series is for you. Fields of Home is the second in the series of about 8 books by Ralph Moody. They are similar in feel to Little House on the Prairie books, but written for a slightly older audience and from a man's perspective.

Fields of Home is about the time when Ralph Moody is 14 and 15 years old. He gets in trouble in his new town and is sent to work on his grandfather's farm. Grandfather is old and cantankerous and no one gets along with him. Can Ralph figure out how to cooperate and help his grandfather?

I love this series of books. There are details about churning, raising a barn, plowing a field, and making machinery such as plows. It makes me think that I could possibly do some of those things some day if I needed to. The story is bittersweet at times but hopeful and Godly.

I highly recommend this series for high schoolers and adults, or for parents to read to their children as a family time story. The series starts with Little Britches.

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